Mid-Michigan Precision Waterjet Cutting

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Quality Manufacturer

Tekla Waterjet, a division of Mantissa Industries, is a skilled abrasive waterjet manufacturer. From aerospace parts to signs to ballistic armor to medical faceshields to decorative home goods, TWJ can help you get a quality product faster and cheaper than many traditional forms of fabrication.

Located in Holt, MI (just south of Lansing, right in the middle of the mitten), TWJ is a nearby and competent vendor to help you produce goods from virtually any material with short lead times and affordable costs.

The Team

Jeffrey Holoweiko


Jeff Holoweiko has more than 40 years of experience in Product-Development, Computer Aided Design, and CNC Machining Services. He learned the pattern and model making trade working side-by-side with his father, the co-founder of Capital Pattern. After earning journeyman status at other pattern shops, he saw the need for a more technologically advanced approach, and founded Mantissa Industries, Inc. In 36 years, he’s built a full-service design and CNC machining company specializing in CAD/CAM operations and CNC machining for large and small manufacturers alike.

Sam Holoweiko


Sam Holoweiko has been working for his father since he was 10 years old. His skill and ingenuity help to produce beautiful, precision parts. He is responsible for quoting and production on the Tekla Waterjet side.

We’re There for You!

As one of the area’s leading waterjet cutting businesses, we are proud to offer a multitude of solutions for varied industries. Our services are cost-effective, delivered on-time, and designed to improve the value of your project.

In order to best serve you, our customers, we have an experienced, knowledgeable, family business team. The work ethic is impeccable, and the results provided are ideal. Our team specializes in bringing value to your endeavors through unique and accurate design and manufacture. We can cut direct from DXF, DWG, and CAD files, right on down to napkin sketches.

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